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Sunday 23 December 2012

Survived that gale....

All is well after a windy night. The wind dropped to almost nothing this afternoon but is getting up again now. Currently it's measuring 30mph locally with 40mph gusts. It's from a different direction which is noisier in the house so I notice it more.  But a few jobs done while there was a lull, including a neighbour pumping the heating oil into my tank for me. So now, as long as the power stays on I'll stay nice and warm at least!

In Orkney there was flooding on some roads on the Mainland and many fields look waterlogged too. The TV transmitter went off air for a while today but I think it's back again now. Thankfully the radio stayed on - that's what I listen to during the day. The TV is for a relaxing hour or so in the evening and I have enough DVDs and recorded programmes to keep me going for a good while!

There are still delays to the ferries and I really feel for folk trying to get home or on holiday in this weather. But hopefully tomorrow will be quieter and ferries will be back to normal before Christmas.......

In this weather there is nothing for it but to get on with a bit of baking. Time for some home baked mince pies with a nice cup of tea!  Very tasty though I say so myself - adding fresh fruit and zest to the shop-bought mincemeat. Yum...  The pasty came out well too which was amazing considering I haven't made any for over 25 years!

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  1. Glad you survived, Sian. Those mince pies look scrumptious. Now with DS for Christmas so blogging time is almost non-existent. Have a lovely Christmas.