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Thursday 27 December 2012

Boxing Day....

The day after Christmas is known in Britain as "Boxing Day". Throughout the UK this is traditionally the first day of the sales. Shopping malls around the country will be crowded, with queues for the car parks from well before opening.  In Orkney the pace is a little slower. Some shops may be open but most will remain closed.  Meanwhile on Graemsay we have no ferry running on Christmas Day or Boxing Day so there are no temptations of "retail therapy".

Instead I took a walk on the beach. As you can see above the Hoy Hills have a light covering of snow. Like icing sugar on a Christmas Pudding! Where's the Holly?!

It was a chilly day but fresh air was needed. Even for Princess Button!

The beach, as ever, was deserted.... just the way I like it

A snow cloud was heading our way

And as the sun set.....

And the moon rose..... was time to head home for tea and toast!


  1. Definitely have Boxing Day here in Canada too ... but most stores aren't open on the 26th ... so we have Boxing WEEKS sales.

    I avoid the malls this week.

    1. Ah yes, I remember now that you have Boxing Day in Canada. I know they don't in the USA. Maybe it's a commonwealth/Europe thing! I've never enjoyed shopping so the thought of sales and packed stores fills me with horror and I'm happy to miss it all!

  2. Your weather has definitely been better than ours down south, Sian. No retail therapy here either, even in a city. I HATE shopping. :-)

    1. I hate shopping too - whatever kind of shopping. We now have gales and rain, but a few days respite was lovely.....sigh.... I do feel for folk who are threatened with flooding again though.

  3. A slower pace of life sounds most enticing, especially at Christmas. I went into our town on Christmas Eve and was horrified to shops already putting out sale notices and stock. It didn't seem to be in the spirit of Christmas at all.