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Monday, 24 December 2012

The island Christmas Party

Friday night, despite it being a bit breezy (um - quite windy) the "Children's Christmas Party" went ahead. It is one of my favourite island events. The children come along in their party gear as do some of the adults (no it was NOT an outing for my red shoes - I needed to run races.....).  Folk brought along some food for the supper and, of course, Santa put in an appearance.

I love the way everyone on the island will come along to a party AND take part enthusiastically in fun party games to make it a good night for the children.  Above is musical arms - rather like musical  chairs but with - well - arms!  It dates from a time when the hall only had benches, no chairs, so people were needed instead.

The tall folk have to get down to the level of the wee folk!

And then there's the fish game - you use a newspaper to "flap" the fish to the end of the hall and the first one wins....  Er..... no these are not Ninja children!  Just wrong speed for my camera ;-)

This is how it SHOULD look

And of course there is pass the parcel

And a big brother must make sure a wee sister has got ALL the sweeties out before passing on...

Then it's time for Santa ......

And one is never too old for Santa!

Then it's time to play with the toys....

While the adults tuck into the supper...... of course I was first in line for Cake! Especially this delicious sponge made by Sandra


  1. We had the Papay children's party on Saturday, and that was breezy too. Happy Christmas from Amanda on Papa Westray - I've been enjoying your blog.

    1. Hi Amanda. I'm sure Papay is much the same a Graemsay at Christmas - lovely community events (and home bakes!). Hope you all had a lovely time. Weather is awful today and I see your boat was cancelled too.

  2. What a wonderful community (family) celebration!

    1. Yes it is just like a very large family party most of the time :-)

  3. What a wonderful celebration ! The action shot is marvellous.

    1. Hmmm action shots are a bit unexpected! Am still getting to grips with my new-to-me camera and don't do much indoor photography. But I think they are fun even if they are unintentional!