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Monday 24 December 2012

The Nativity

Tonight on Graemsay we had the Nativity play in the hall, organised by Irene Mathieson who used to be the teacher here.  She did a sterling job producing and directing the performance, though a wee lassie produced an unexpected comedy touch. But a nativity play wouldn't be a nativity play without impromptu performances, would it? All the children get to play a part, and young Jo, who is now a big burly teenager took it in good part and reprised his role as "Joseph". Think this might be the last year we can persuade him!

Um... this looks like the local "hoodies" asking for a room for the night... The innkeeper was having none of it and sent them to the stable

"Mary" then had to do a bit of "swaddling"....

The Angel Gabriel startled some shepherds who were tending their flocks....(and Irene, who was playing her guitar)

One shepherd taking very seriously the need to keep her "flock" close at hand

And they knelt quietly down by the crib - um... that was the script....

But the junior shepherd decided it was her turn for the shepherd's crook.....

And let's "big up" the Shepherd's part and introduce a spot of juggling....

While "Mary" judiciously steps in to save "baby Jesus" getting a whack on the head! (Notice she keeps smiling beatifically!)

Looking a little dishevelled.....

The shepherd decides it's time to grab back the "flock" - "Mary" stepping in to keep things in order...(the smile is getting a little fixed now I think fear)

Bring on the Kings for a bit of diversion

....... ah..... now what's in these prettily wrapped gifts from the Kings....

An older sister tries to restore order....

While everyone tries to pretend that a flying sheep is normal for Graemsay....

And we all sang "Away in a manger" while stifling laughter. It was a brilliant production and I wouldn't have it any other way!

So - Happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate, Happy Mid-Winter festival to those of us who celebrate such things, for those of you South of the Equator, Happy Mid-summer, and give us our sun back please!


  1. Replies
    1. Yup - it was. I love how it's different every year :-)

  2. How lovely! Have a great Christmas!!

    1. Hi LittleGrebe - and Hope you had a great Christmas too!

  3. Oh, what fun. The children are always delightful, especially when the wee ones do their own thing. I was chuckling all the while. Priceless!

    1. Oh yes I love it when the wee ones add a breath of fresh air to the proceedings.

  4. The producer is now lying down in a darkened room awaiting therapy!!