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Friday, 27 December 2019

Christmas day walk no. 2

It was such a calm day Button and I decided to go for a second walk, this time later in the afternoon.  It was a much greyer day than earlier, but still good to be outdoors.

Looking up to the Graemsay Community Hall which was refurbished this year thanks to grants from the local authority and the EU (European Union.... last of those then!).  So we have a new roof, new doors and windows, new heating, replacement lighting, insulation in the loft, and a new compost toilet.  The hall still retains its character but is lovely and warm and a much more pleasant place to be! 

Button wondering when we can get moving again....

No, really, can we move now?

A shaft of sunlight over the Manse (recently sold and new neighbour in residence).

Old lighthouse pier, Sandside bay, Manse, and Hoy hills.... with that beam of sunlight again.

Arty farty shot with creels... (lobster pots).

Creels (to catch lobsters/crabs) and looking across Sandside bay to Garson (currently for sale).

And we had a chat with the neighbours - some grey seals relaxing on the rocks at Sandside

Stromness shore in the background

Sandside Bay, with sun sinking low for the sunset to follow shortly...

Button on the go!

Hens enjoying the calm day too.  Stromness over the water in the background....

Looking up to the farm of Windbreck....

Looking to the West Mainland...

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