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Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Boil your water!

Just had a knock on the door and it was a Scottish Water chap to hand over the "Emergency Notice" telling us all on Graemsay to boil our water!!  Happy Christmas from Scottish Water!  At least we HAVE water..... not like back in December 2010 when we lost water completely (and we had snow then!) See blog post here

But it seems that the water has failed some test so as a precaution we boil all drinking water for now..

Our water comes over from Hoy.  We used to have our own water tank on the island, but Scottish Water in their wisdom have done away with that.  Now there is a new treatment works in Hoy, so water comes down off the hill into Sandy Loch and is then drawn through the treatment works and pumped over to Graemsay as and when we need it.  We have a water main running all around the island, though one or two houses still have well water.  I have a well but it's not been used since the 1980s I think and I have no pump now anyway.  But I'm sure we will be fine.  It's only a "boil" notice so far.....   Despite living on an island we take all "mod cons" for granted!!


  1. I wonder how long you need to boil the water? As you said, thank goodness you have water even if it needs boiling.

  2. According to the instructions on the note we were given we just have to bring the water to the boil, so that's fine..... Hopefully the water will be tested again in a couple of days and they can lift the restrictions....