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Sunday, 30 October 2011

First responder refresher course

It's been a busy weekend, we had our Hallowe'en party last night (more of that tomorrow), and today we had our island First Responder team refresher course. I've written about being a first responder before (in 2009, Feb 2011, and May 2011) but basically about 14 of us (which is about 54% of the island!) have trained as first responders so that should there be a medical emergency on the island we can be "first person on scene" in terms of being able to give assistance.  Having been trained we have a mobile phone link to an emergency medical centre, kit bag which contains oxygen, a defibrillator (shock box), and various other bits of kit. The scheme is organised by the Scottish Ambulance Service and we are supposed to have six monthly refresher sessions.

Thankfully we've only had one call-out since we became "active", but that makes the referesher sessions all the more important, in my view, because it's not something at the forefront of our minds. So Murray, one of the local trainers spent the day with us all, going over all the do's and don'ts, as well as getting us to do some practical exercises, such as CPR. That's what the picture is at the top of the post - not a real medical emergency but just a practice on how to put someone in the recover position. And the ghostly spectre in the corner is a left over from our Hallowe'en party!

Although it's a serious subject our sessions are always lightened by humour and today was no exception. Lots of laughter as well as practical exercises and discussion.  And of course not forgetting the copious supply of soup, tea and home bakes!


  1. Hello !
    We are starting our first training sessions for this next month. Sounds exactly the same as our set up. Looking forward to it. Our party is on Friday night. xx

  2. Such a good idea, Sian, and important to keep your recently-acquired skills well honed.