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Monday, 31 October 2011


Who are all these witches, warlocks and strange ghostlike creatures?  It's the Graemsay Hallowe'en Party of course - um.... in costume in case you were wondering!!

We had our party on Saturday but I thought today, actually being Hallowe'en, was the appropriate time to write about it. Some of us decorated our wee community hall in the afternoon and set it up ready for the evening. I spent most of the time screaming because I hate spiders - even "pretend" ones! Anyway eventually the hall was ready and we all returned home to get dressed up ourselves.

There were witches and warlocks .....

and skeletons.....

and devils ......

and creepy monsters...

Everyone brought some food for the supper, which as usual was enough to feed a much bigger island! Though I avoided some of the "themed" food, even if it WAS only coloured icing! No party is complete without music and games. Someone had brought along a CD of "Hallowe'en" music which included the 1970's "hit" of "The Monster Mash" (anyone remember that?!) and creepy noises and screams!

All the children then followed the Head Witch around the hall to the music, and each did a party piece - telling a joke or singing a song. Their reward was then showered with lots of sweeties (candy) and the games began.

Among them was traditional "apple bobbing" (apples floating in water and you have to catch them in your mouth - no hands!)......

Pass the parcel (for the kids) and my personal favourite, the "Mummy" game which is a race to see who can bind up  their "mummy" quickest, and who is the quickest "mummy" to burst out of their bonds!

There was also an "eat the donut hanging on a string without using your hands" but I couldn't stop laughing long enough to take any photos that weren't blurry! Anyway the evening went well and a good time was had by all. I don't think too many of us had nightmares afterwards, which is amazing looking at this scary lot - tee hee!


  1. a great post Sian! Have a spooky day :)

  2. What a great party for such a tiny
    island, well done, great photos.
    Keep well.

  3. Incredible party looks such a lot of fun.

  4. That looks like a LOT of fun, Sian! I bet all those spooky costumes got a bit battered with the apple-bobbing and donut eating. :-)

  5. We keep all the old games going for our kids: guising, apple-bobbing, donut/ treacle scone eating etc, but I'd not heard of the mummy game before. Brilliant! Will definitely add that to the list!

  6. This was fun to read - and more to participate in, I bet! Interestingly, a friend and I were discussing (reminiscing?) about those very games and wondering if anyone still did them. Neither of have kids so we had no clue. Thank you for the answer.

  7. Ruth - oooh yes! Hope you did too!

    Pat - we know how to party on this island!

    CP - yes it was great fun! And lots of Cake too ;-)

    Perpetua - we had apple bobbing then donut eating - think maybe we should do them the other way round then at least our faces would wash off all the jam and sugar!

    DB - The mummy game is really good fun. I'd not come across it either till I came here. It's among my favourites - up there with "musical arms" (a version of musical chairs but had to be varied as the hall only used to have benches not chairs - so improvisation is required and the tradition has lived on).

    VS - Oh yes the traditions are alive and well here at any rate! The adults have as much fun (possibly more?) than the kids!