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Monday, 3 October 2011

Windy Day.....

What a change in the weather from yesterday!  It's VERY windy today. Gusting to about 35mph at the moment but due to increase to potentially severe gale force tonight.  Meanwhile some of the young cattle stock from a neighbouring farm have been put into my field at the back of the house to graze it down for winter. The field hasn't been grazed this year as I've been having a new stock proof fence put up. That's now in place so the wee beasties can go in and graze away for a few weeks till they are taken inside to sheds for the winter.

These young stock watched curiously as I hung out a window to take their photo. I can imagine them asking each other "What does she think she's doing?"!

Meanwhile we have ongoing technical problems with our ferry. We're waiting to hear when these might be resolved, with currently limited runs and limited cargo delivery. But it has to be said it seemed to be making good speed against the wind tonight, although it sailed back to harbour on a more sheltered route.


  1. I am on the Isle of Lewis for a couple of weeks and we felt the ire of the storm here. It is abating a little now but not a lot.

  2. Hello Sian,

    I found your blog by following the links. What a delight! I visited Orkney in 2004 on holiday, and stayed with some friends of friends on the West Mainland. I thoroughly fell in love with the place and have been wanting to return ever since, but it's a long way from Australia. I am so enjoying reading about your life - it's very much what I imagine I would like for myself, though I don't know how well I would deal with the wind and darkness.

    Thank you for your writing and lovely pictures.

  3. Sian, have ever been cut off on
    the island, due to bad weather.

  4. CP - I think you've had it worse "out west"! Stay safe and warm!

    Sarah - how lovely to hear from you. You must be getting Spring appearing there now.... we've tried holding onto the sun but it's escaped ;-)

    Pat - yes occassionally the ferry can't go. But it is very unusual. Generally I make sure I have a well stocked freezer, store cupboard, batteries, torches, candles, and calor gas heating in case of all eventualities! As long as I have enough food to feed the cat I can survive on most things in the cupboard!