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Monday, 17 October 2011

Empty field

I returned from "south" to find the kye (cattle) had been moved from my field to new pasture. They'd managed to eat all the grass in the field in just over a week! 

This was the kye in the field before I went away

I took a walk around the field as it was such a lovely day yesterday.  Below is a photo of the well (covered to ensure no puss-cats fall down it like the ill-fated puss in the nursery rhyme "Ding, Dong, Dell, Puss is in the well"!), and so that no other animals can come to any harm. The base next to it is where there used to be an engine which would pump the water to the byres and up to a tank outside the house. The house was only connected to mains water during the renovations in 2000. Prior to that well water had been used. Some houses on the island still use well water or water from their own small reservoirs on the island.


  1. Welcome back, missed your blog,
    can you give notice, when you
    are going walkabout, then we
    know you are ok.

  2. Pat - Will let you know when there will be breaks from activity next time! Nice to be missed :-)