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Thursday 20 October 2011


Gales this week and hail - this weather actually hurts! I've avoided going outdoors unless I really have to but some things can't be avoided.

Like feeding the hens.......

And because I feel sorry for them in this cold weather (which will come as a shock to most of the flock as they were born this summer!) I've been cooking up pasta for them for breakfast too.....

And then there was the trip to the pier to collect the "messages" (Scottish for shopping). The local grocery shop sends over supplies in a box via the ferry. I just have to turn up at the pier to collect it.  Um.... it was a little wet and cold......

But I have some fruit (so no scurvy this week!) and other necessary supplies like milk, flour, bacon, kitchen roll and - er - biscuits!

Meanwhile Button stays resolutely indoors except for the necessary dash for - well, the necessary!


  1. Looks cold! I've just had visitors from Mainland who are not missing the Orcardian weather.

  2. I once made some surplus readybrek for the wild birds and they stood in it until was cool enough to eat. Hope the pasta went down well. Thanks for looking at my poetry.

  3. Our Hens/chooks always enjoyed a bit of spaghetti. Great to watch them fight over a long strand, end to end! Looking chilly up there. Autumn now ith us here in Andalucia, with a fresh feel in theair but still plenty of sunshine and warmth, though nippy at night!

  4. Shirlwin - sigh.... I keep telling myself it's October but I'm not quite ready for winter yet!!

    CP - hehe...that conjures up a vision! Yes the chooks loved the pasta and were hanging around near the back door this morning in anticipation of more.... sigh..... I love your poetry, it's so elemental.

    Iain - yes I think chooks think it's worms! I wish I'd had my camera handy the other day when the three week old chicks were picking up a strand and running off with it to eat in piece away from the flock. They looked so pleased with themselves! ;-)

  5. Poor Sian, this north/south divide in the weather has been very hard on you and your livestock and I hope it improves soon.

  6. Perpetua - It seems to be moving to an West/East divide at the moment. Torrential rain in the west....