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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I LOVE rainbows! These appeared on Sunday evening when clouds started to fill the blue sky and showers rained down on a very cross Button (the cat)! (You can just make out a double rainbow) Did I mention I live next door to a lighthouse? ;-)

Here's a boat that has just sailed right past the "crock of gold" which legend has it, is at the end of the rainbow!


  1. I too love to see a rainbow and we saw quite a few on our way south but the best one was over Clisham on Harris as we said goodbye to the islands. Love your shots.

  2. Great photo with the boat, and
    the end of the rainbow.

  3. Why, no! I don't think you have mentioned the lighthouse. Do tell us more about it. :)

    LOVED the rainbow pix.

  4. CP - ooh yes I'm sure the Harris rainbow was very atmospheric - and a lovely goodbye too. I've been enjoying your poems.

    Pat - Thanks!

    Bev - hehehehehe!

  5. Sian, do have a look for 'double rainbow' by Hungry Bear on YouTube. It's priceless and has spawned a double rainbow t-shirt/ song cult!

  6. you live in such a great place that every picture is somthing special.

  7. Thanks for sharing awesome pics. Especially the rainbow beside the boat.

  8. DB- ooh yes I must go to YouTube! I just love rainbows.

    Yuliya - lovely to see you here again!

    CP - thanks for your lovely comments!