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Saturday, 22 October 2011

No boat today.....

Our ferry, the MV Graemsay, is "broken". Well to be correct, it is undergoing repairs after several weeks of, what the ferry company called, "technical difficulties". Basically a bit of the engine fell into the moving parts and the result was a broken engine. So for some weeks now the ferry has been operating on one engine. This means it's slower and has had to cancel sailings during the hours of darkness (not quite sure why that was?!).

But yesterday apparently the broken engine was lifted out of the hold and a new one will be put in it's place today. Meantime - the ferry company informed us they couldn't find a replacement boat for us this weekend. But they have promised us that either our ferry will be working again on Monday or they'll put some sort of replacement in.

So - I'm marooned on Graemsay!  Well - I do choose to live on an island!  And to be fair it's only in the last two or three years that we have had a ferry at weekends during the winter schedule. But, as with everything, you soon get used to it! We usually have several ferry runs a day Monday to Friday, then one in the morning and one in the afternoon at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

However I had no plans to go to town this weekend, particularly as it is rather blustery outdoors. But I shall be very happy when our ferry is restored to a two-engine ferry again!


  1. Glad the ferry is being repaired, Sian. Enjoy the enforced isolation and be glad it's only temporary. I never fancied being shipwrecked on a desert island ;-)

  2. Oh dear. And to think I had gotten so used to 24 hour shopping that I was so upset when most of the grocery stores started closing at 10pm again!

  3. I look forward to reading more about your life on an island with only 23 people.

    Best wishes from Nova Scotia (Canada)

  4. Perpetua - Yay! Our ferry has two engines again!! I love living on an island, but I do like to think I can get off at regular intervals!

    VioletKsy - Hehehehe - I've found it's surprising what I can do without now shops are not so easily accessible! As long as I have catfood and toilet rolls I'm ok.....

    Sybil - welcome to Graemsay! Thank you for dropping by. In the winter I enjoy looking at webcams in Nova Scotia - you have serious weather there!