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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Negotiations with a cat......

So, I bought Buttons the little fleecy padded blanket above. This was for her added comfort as, in winter when the underfloor heating is on she likes to take a nap on the warm floor. She also likes to nap in the room where I am, and in winter I choose to work in the kitchen (lighter, brighter, cosier than my study). Hence the cosy blanket for Princess Buttons.

It has to be said that I did have an ulterior motive. You see her preferred place to sleep is actually in my chair, at the kitchen table/desk.  So I thought through some negotiation I could persuade her to sleep on her cosy fleecy blanket and leave the chair to me.....

She really seems to be enjoying the blanket

Really enjoying it!

Then I went to the loo (bathroom) and returned to find this.......

And this.....

I should know by now - cats are not open to negotiation.....


  1. Having lost my Orkney chair to the peedie dug, I feel your pain.

  2. What a thoughtful cat keeping your seat warm for you!

  3. She was just lulling you into a false sense of security, making you think you'd won that little battle. For a few minutes, at least...

  4. How considerate of her, to leave you a nice warm blanket on the floor for you to sit and work on! ;)

  5. This post just plain made me laugh. And today I needed that, with our nor'easter in Connecticut, USA. We have over six inches of snow, which has not happened ever in this part of the state in October. About 600,000 people in my state alone have lost power. Our state is the third smallest in the country.

    I am nervous. A simple story of a blanket, a cat, and your chair did it for me!

  6. I love it. That is a cat for you. Don't you just love it.

  7. It's not so much that cats are non negotiable, rather that they're superb, powerful negotiators, perhaps.

  8. OrkneyFlowers - and we're such softies we give in without even much grumbling...!

    VioletSky - oh yes, she never fails!

    Harriet - hmmm yes but she won't let ME sit in it - in fact I think she thinks *I* warm up a seat for HER!

    Michelle - Yes she does humour me sometimes - but not for long!

    DB - Believe it or not I did try out the blanket so see if it was comfortable for her! LOL!.

    Jeannette - Welcome! oh my goodness you have snow already?! I'm glad the story of my wee cat cheered you up and hope you are not incarcerated by the snow for too long. It's FAR too early for snow ANYWHERE!

    Bonnie - welcome to you too! And yes, that's definitely cats for you!

    Iain - LOL! Maybe that's it! They so good at negotiating ways of getting ALL their own way ;-)

  9. I reckon Button is very kind to let you sit in her chair at all, Sian, let alone have you expecting to do so all the time. :-)