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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Slipping from Autumn to Winter

Autumn is a season that doesn't last long in Orkney! No autumnal colours on trees, just blasting gales that turn the leaves black and tear them from the branches. My poor trees are looking somewhat battered now......

This week the weather has been "changeable" - even on the island. Sunny one end, rain the other! This picture and the one above were taken from the ferry on my visit to the town on Thursday.

You can see the blackened leaves on the elder tree - and this is in the protected walled garden!

But there is still blue sky amid the clouds - we get our pleasures where we can in winter!


  1. here too we dont have a"real autumn", it is hot almast as summer. the winter will come with few days of rains, may be a month from now.
    i keep reading your blog with a lot of interest.

  2. Today the sun is trying to shine here on Lewis. Believe it or not Cornwall has exactly the same issue with wind stripping the leaves from the trees before a proper autumn has happened.

  3. With such 'changeable' weather no-one can complain of boredom! Leaves fall from the surrounding gum trees so frequently that it continually amazes me the branches are not completely naked, but no ... new leaves grow just as quickly.

  4. Yuliya - I'm hoping now I will have a little more time indoors I'll be able to keep up with your blog too! Sorry I haven't been commenting on it but I am enjoying the pictures!

    CP - I hadn't realised that about Cornwall - though I don't know why - there's not much between you and America from the West so nothing to break the wind!

    Shirlwin - Gum trees - oh that sounds SO exotic!