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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Graemsay Pier

This is an old photo taken of the Graemsay pier during it's construction in the 1950s.  The pier has since been extended but is largely the same. (The MV Graemsay at the pier - a little blurry as it was taken via Mick's webcam).

During construction explosives were kept on the island in this wee shed just along from the pier construction. The small bit in front of it that looks like an entrance is where they kept the detonators!

Before the construction of this pier, the Graemsay ferry (which was much smaller of course) would go into a much smaller pier along at Cooper's Noust further along the island towards the Hoy Low lighthouse.  There were small sheds there too keep supplies and a winch to haul stuff up. Or crofters with boats would bring them into the Sandside pier too.

Nowadays everything comes via the main pier, including phone boxes, septic tanks, building materials, and livestock. All still being winched off and on the ferry. (This photo was taken some years ago before the vessel was lengthened).

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  1. I just love the phone box in the boat. :-) It seems to sum up the uniqueness of life on an island served by a very small ferry.