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Friday 31 May 2013

Sunshine and sunsets....

Like most of the UK (and much of Europe) we've had a very mixed bag of weather this month. Some lovely warm sunny  days, and some awful wet, windy ones too!  Here are some photos take over the last couple of weeks on the SUNNY days!

The bluebells are out. These were planted many, many years ago and flower each year (a cultivated variety).

And of course the only one with time to sit on a garden bench in Spring is.... Button!

And the sheep and lambs enjoy the sun on their backs too.

This is looking up towards the old school....

And some old crofts - there are lots of mixed habitats in the fields for birds and wild-flowers.

I love the evening light on the water and the way it silhouettes the buildings.

And of course I love the sunsets....

Each night they are different..... This group of buildings are my favourite in the evening sun. Plus they are just outside my back door :-)

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  1. How glorious to see sunsets from your home - I have to travel out of the valley to see a proper sunset ( but I can see a bit from the garden!) I'm just thinking about digging up some of our Spanish bluebells because they are so invasive - they are over here yet yours look like they are still coming into flower. I love your photographs.