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Wednesday 8 May 2013

Seals and sheep and sunsets....

Last night was a lovely sunset after very misty day. I love the big skies here and being able to watch the clouds and sun track across the sky.

The lambs in the field in front of the house are still busy racing around in their little gangs.  Then they all snuggle down for a snooze... I love the little white mop of hair on the black lamb!

Meanwhile the seals continue to haul out onto the sandy beach below the house.

These are the same seals I posted pictures of earlier in April.  They are here most days at the moment. These more recent photos seem to show the profile of their faces more clearly and I think these are grey seals, rather than the harbour seals.

Some of them were playing in the shallows......

While one of these looks like he wants to make a sand-castle.

They were just like any family on a beach holiday ;-)  Maybe these two are arguing over who splashed whom, or who got sand in the sandwiches!!

I love watching them together.  It seems to be May that they haul out on the sand, the rest of the year they are on the skerries and rocks around the island. Maybe this is their Spring beach holiday!


  1. You are right, these are greys - Atlantic Grey.
    Nice pics

  2. Oh I love the seals ... and the lambs.

  3. i would have loved to watch the seals with you :)

  4. I get to see lambs and sunsets quite often, Sian, but oh, I envy you the seals!

  5. I MUST get back to Graemsay. What fun to sit and watch the seals! Any silkies?