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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Some weeks (oh dear, maybe months) ago one of my blog readers, Perpetually In Transit very kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was thrilled to bits. One of the conditions was I had to say five quirky things about myself, and nominate five other blogs. The tricky bit is coming up with 5 quirky things. Oh calamity - I am in despair at being so "normal"! I like to think of myself as SO eccentric, when in reality I am so NOT! Anyway here we go with the 5 quirky things

1. (OK cheating here) - I choose to live on a remote Scottish island far from shopping malls and 24-hour supermarkets, traffic jams and the chaos that was my life when I lived in Kent.

2. I'm very faddy about food - bordering on the weird rather than quirky. I don't like yellow food (bananas are white not yellow), and will eat red fruit but not red veg, and please don't mix my food together unless you stick it in a blender......oh I could go on.....

3. I dance and sing with wild abandon to anything from the 1960's

4. I love flying in a glider plane. Only had the chance once and it was absolutely brilliant! I felt like a bird. It was a magical experience. And no it didn't worry me that the plane had no engine......

5. I'm hooked on detective fiction. When I'm stressed or anxious, hand me a (non-gory version) detective thriller and I'll calm down immediately. My audio book of choice for sleepless nights is anything by Dorothy L Sayers from the "Lord Peter Wimsey" series.

So onto the nominations part. This is equally difficult. I follow many blogs for different reasons. But I've decided to nominate five SCOTTISH blogs so that you, dear reader, get to see a bit more of this wonderful country. This of course completely leaves out all the other blogs I thoroughly enjoy, some on my blog list here and others not. Many written by friends who became bloggers and some by bloggers who have become friends.  Anyway here is my list of five (in no particular order).

1. The Wind and the Wellies - another Orkney blog, this one by "Orkney Flowers" who loves all plants, cooking, and recycling and reusing stuff.  Also wears wonderful stripey socks! Now *she* won't have a problem with five quirky things - tee hee.

2. Dancing Beastie - insights into living in a castle in the Scottish Highlands

3. A Kilchoan Diary - a remote crofting village on the west of the Ardnamurchan pennisula

4. The Barefoot Crofter- stories of family life on a croft on the island of Lewis. I'm newly acquainted with this blog and loving every post.

5. Occasional Scotland - "From Edinburgh to Shetland and all points in between" - lovely landscape photos.

There..... now if your blog isn't named PLEASE don't be offended....sigh.... and thank you again to Perpetually in Transit for the award!


  1. Oh, well done you for being chosen! And gosh, thank you so much for thinking of Dancing Beastie. I am honoured. Now I have to think up what other people might think quirky about me, when I too feel depressingly normal. (Hey, I can even manage yellow food, hee hee!)

  2. Scotland must be so very beautiful. My father's grandfather came from Scotland. I wish I knew more.
    I must fly back to your cool blog.

  3. DB - It is a tough call - FIVE quirky things ;-) But your blog definitely deserves the award!

    Nerima - welcome. Scotland is a beautiful and varied landscape. Do hope you enjoy browsing mine and other Scottish blogs too.

  4. My goodness, thank you so much. I am singularly inept at thinking of quirky/interesting things. I will bend what remains of my mind to it. I am honoured.

    Enjoying flying in a plane with no engine is certainly quirky for me!

  5. Congratulations on being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award - richly deserved. And thank you for nominating 'A Kilchoan Diary'.

  6. You're very welcome, Sian, and I love your five quirky things. Now to explore your other nominees.....

  7. Sian, home after my adventures and utterly thrilled to be given a lovely award, how very humbling.

    Quirky, well I will struggle with that one, boring is our middle name...........:)

    Dancing with wild abandon, gliding in planes and living on an island the size of a postage stamp in a group of islands is defiantly quirky.

    As for the food things, well I've several delightful weird food habits myself, can't mix things, not do soggy, nor do I, as you know like cake or chocolate particularly..........

    That's not quirky, that's just sensible - cakes yuk!

    Congrats to you! Xx