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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Greedy Pheasant!

This photo was sent to me by the same friend who sent me the picture of the Loch earlier today. She was watching a pheasant on the wall eating food put out for the birds - but she had sparrows, blackbirds and starlings in mind - NOT this pheasant. She said the blackbird patiently stood by till the pheasant had finished!

I haven't set foot outside today, apart from feeding the hens and Charlie. I've spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa with Button, while I recuperate. I watched a recorded programme from a detective series, then spent two hours watching the annual horse show held at Olympia in London. It brought back happy memories as I used to go there every year with friends from the stables where I kept my pony. It always heralded the start of Christmas!


  1. Recuperating on the sofa with Buttons sounds perfect.
    Hope all your troubles end soon!

  2. There really IS a "pecking order." My mother feeds the birds on her porch and it's interesting to watch how the smaller birds stand back until the bigger birds are finished (and the smallest just stand on the ground and get what falls out of the beaks of the larger ones)