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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Silent Night...

...not much chance of that with another weather warning for severe gales and the wind howling around the house!  But I'm just back from the island nativity play and carol service and feeling warmed with mince pies and good cheer!  It was a lovely service with all the island children (the teenagers will be cross with me lumping them in with the wee ones!) taking part, readings and carols.  The children were very good and played their parts well.

Now I'm going to relax for the evening. That's all my Christmas celebrations over. I choose to spend Christmas quietly. I gave up years ago travelling to spend it with family. Winter travel from Orkney is expensive and liable to delays and cancellation! So I save my trips away for sunnier times.

I don't share in the religious meaning of Christmas, but do like to celebrate it as a mid-winter festival and enjoy the coming together with friends to eat!  Earlier in the week I met up with a group of friends in Stromness to have a proper Christmas dinner. It was delicious!

I missed out on the island Children's Christmas Party earlier in the week as I was still feeling a little unwell after the "bug" last weekend. But apparently a good time was had by all.  Irene of Breckan sent me these photos so I thought I'd share them with you. As you can see, we may be a remote island, but Santa still finds his way to us.

And party games were played!

So I'm off to watch "Carols from Kings" on TV. An old family tradition!  It just remains for me to wish you all Festive Season's Greetings!


  1. i am 20km from beitlehem, but we dont celebrate chrismass, which i think is the most beautiful holiday thet i can think sorry that we dont have such colorful holiday. we have our hanuka with candels and a lot of fattening donats.have fun any way:)

  2. Enjoy your quiet Christmas, Sian!
    Give Buttons an extra forehead rub from me.

  3. Yuliya - Well I wish you a Happy Hanuka. I love the way food features in the best of festivals :-) I visited Bethlehem many years ago when I was on holiday in Israel. Most of the time I spent in Jerusalem, which is a magnificent city and I have many happy memories of that holiday. So I can really picture where you live.

    VioletSky - And I hope you enjoy your Christmas too! Buttons appreciated the forehead rub. She's hibernating at the moment as the wind roars outside, but it's nice and cosy indoors!

  4. Eat, drink, and put your feet

  5. Karne Have a good holiday to you and Happy New Year!

    Pat - oh I did, believe me ;-)