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Friday, 9 December 2011


This is a short post because internet access is intermittent. But all OK on Graemsay. No major damage from the storm last night. At it's peak wind was recorded in Kirkwall at 100mph (sustained speed!) with gusts up to 135 mph.

It was scary, very scary last night. I didn't get much sleep. But house OK, chickens and Charlie (barn cat) all present and correct for breakfast this morning (well late breakfast).

Damage around Orkney but mostly tin off roofs on Graemsay and the pier railings (photo above courtesy of Jo Mowat who went to the pier to inspect things this morning!).  Boats and planes cancelled throughout Orkney though our boat has done a couple of runs.

Phones off on the island, most are back on now, but mine isn't....sigh....which means it will be a while before it is as they have to come out to the island.

But - I have a warm house, plenty of food and am OK (oh but radio was off and Radio 2 still not back - I need that as a comfort at night in this weather!!).

Gales getting up again but not to be as bad as last night..... will post more but in bits....


  1. SO glad you and yours are OK, Sian! I thought a lot yesterday about you and all the other poor souls affected by that horrendous storm. It was extremely wet here and pretty windy, but nothing like you've been enduring. Everything crossed that the weather will soon quieten down for you.

  2. Glad to hear you and all folks on Graemsay are okay. Scary winds!