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Monday 12 December 2011

Sun is shining!

There's a bit of a fresh wind but nothing compared to last week. I'm busy working today, sitting in the kitchen, at my laptop, enjoying the sun streaming through the window, while Button snores on her blanket behind me!

Here's a link to some Orkney webcams you might enjoy - one is in Stromness overlooking the harbour. You can't see Graemsay but it's just to the right of the Kirk (church) steeple. The next webcam is Broad Street, the main street in the town of Kirkwall, pointing towards St Magnus Cathedral, then one of Kirkwall Harbour (you will see the North Isles ferries in the picture) and the final two are out at the airport. You can see the propellor planes that fly up from Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Also the small planes that fly out to the north isles.


  1. Thanks, very welcome, onto
    fave list, keep your head down,
    the wind is on its way again.

  2. Ah, you too live with background cat snores. As Zebby has aged his snoring has decreased in volume yet increased in frequency!

    Do enjoy the sunshine, long may it last.