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Monday, 5 December 2011


Yes I know - more weather! But I couldn't miss this beautiful double rainbow. The photo was taken outside my back door as the wind was howling and I didn't want to venture further!

Last week we had gales, severe gales and regular gales. Thankfully no damage to the house and all is well. But the wind screamed around the house, rattled the windows, and tried it's very best to find a way into the house. Thankfully it failed - though it was spitting rain through the keyhole in fury. But we had the odd rainbow to brighten the grey skies.

The sea was a mass of white horses, and various isles ferries were cancelled as well as ferries to the Scottish Mainland. The planes still flew - glad I wasn't on one of those!

I think there was some storm damage to one of the lamp posts at the pier as the Orkney Harbours Pilot boat came out to fix it.  There was a bit of jostling for position at the pier as our wee ferry came in to take some of us to town.  (Photo courtesy of Irene of Breckan, who clearly stayed in the warm of the cabin to take the photo  judging by the raindrops....tee hee! Thanks for the photo Irene!)

Later in the week our ferry had one of it's engines fail so it's going a bit slower at the moment. AND it's the new replacement engine (it had engine failure a couple of months ago).  Hopefully it will be easily fixable or we may be on a reduced service again.

A breezy day

Meanwhile, Princess Button(s) sleeps the day away..... oh to learn to be as relaxed as this cat is about life!


  1. We've woken up to a sprinkling of snow this morning, and as I write this the sky's going grey. Think we're in for some more!

  2. The wind is howling round the corners this morning no snow but pretty sharp rain so it is a stay in the warm day.

  3. Windy, wet and cold here too, Sian, but nothing like you've been getting. We may just get the odd snow shower, but it's too wet for snow to stick. Sorry to hear about the boat engine. Not good. :-(

  4. Just clicking away on "Next Post" and here you are! Living on an island with only 26 others....hmmmm-I think I could get used to that! I enjoyed the double rainbow and once, about 5-6 years ago, I saw a TRIPLE rainbow! Yes, I took a photo, but that computer's motherboard got fried when someone down the street crashed into a pole and our surge protector surged and zapped the computer-sure hope someone will be able to save those images-I have many on that computer! Enjoyed your blog and I hope you enjoy your day! Greetings from across the Big Pond!

  5. Are things OK up there? I hope not blown away like in the 3 Pigs, and you are snug inside stone walls

  6. Love the cat..... hope all's well with the weather, thinking about you.