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Saturday 10 December 2011

OK but no phone and poor internet!

Thanks for all messages here and in email! MUCH appreciated. Sunny day here and all well EXCEPT no phone and now internet on blink (speed is 1.31 when it's usually over 6mbwhatevers).  In cyberspace can you hear me SCREAM?!


  1. Was that YOU screaming over the howling?
    What a dreadful start to winter (and it isn't even here yet - officially)!

  2. Wow, you get 6 Meg, Sian? I somehow expected your broadband would be slow because of your location. Ours (in Wales and in Tongue) barely reaches 2 Meg and is often much slower. Sigh... Hope yours is up to speed again soon.

  3. Very scary. Glad you have survived the storm. :-)