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Friday, 16 December 2011

Technical difficulties continue

After the torrential rain earlier in the week my phone went off again and my broadband speed is almost non-existent.... sigh.... bored now!

Anyway above (if it loads!) is a photo of a calm and frosty morning outside my "back door" looking towards to the henny hoose and Hoy Sound.

Who knows when "normal service" will be resumed......  it's at the whim of BT (the telecoms company) at the moment.  I've been trying to persuade them that FOUR outages in THREE months means there HAS to be something wrong that needs a more permanent fix than a "flick of a switch" at the Exchange.  But so far I am failing in my misson...... in cyberspace can you hear me scream?


  1. Scream heard in Australia, and noted. BT, can you hear???

  2. scream also heard in israel:)small or big world?

  3. Hmm well I now have a dial tone on the phone and can phone out, but broadband very slow.... still some improvement...