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Sunday, 4 December 2011

First snow of winter....

OK - it's only a sprinkling of snow, but it is still SNOW! And snow showers are forecast throughout the week. That will be the third year in a row we've had snow before Christmas, which actually is unusual. Orkney is protected by the Gulf Stream and Winter is characterised by wind, rain and grey skies, with the odd frost and a day or two of snow.  We shall have to see what THIS winter brings!

The photo above shows very little snow on Graemsay (known as the green isle), but the Hoy Hills have a thick covering.

Below are the Orphir hills, also sprinkled with snow.

The hens must have got cold feet today!

I love the way the snow settles on surfaces, drawing attention to ordinary things. These flagstone slabs against the wall drew my eye as I went to feed the hens.

Charlie-in-the-barn (my barn cat) happily tucked into his extra breakfast this morning. (He does have a cosy hay barn to sleep in! And he *could* have been a house cat if he'd wanted to....).

The sea looks awfully cold!  But at least a little calmer than when it was whipped into a frenzy by the gales this past week.

Bit of a "mushroom cloud" over Windbreck, up the hill from Sandside.

Time to fill up the bird feeders again (hanging from an old elder bush in the garden - the only tree in the garden of any size - it just peeks above the stone dyke)!! (Plus seed for the ground feeders too)


  1. I saw on the weather forecast that northern Scotland was getting snow and thought of you, Sian. Glad it's only light and hope that this winter isn't as severe for you as last. Nothing but rain, rain and more rain here today. Lovely photos.

  2. Thanks Perpetua! I actually love the snow (if it's only here for a wee while). I love the brightness it gives to the day! I was getting rather tired of the wind and rain. Hope winter brightens up for you too.

  3. Hope you are well stocked with
    your sweets, just in case.Stay

  4. Pat - oh yes, I won't get caught out like THAT again this year ;-)

  5. I am still looking forward to our first snowfall. Today and yesterday, lots and lots of rain, which is just depressing. Snow, on the other hand, gets me into the Christmas spirit!

  6. Sian, I loved the photo of the snow-covered flagstones. Very arty! Stay warm and dry!