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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sometimes I HATE technology! phone is down, and internet is dodgy though I can just about limp along. I'm trying to report the fault (because yesterday BT cleared all the fault reports on Graemsay and all my neighbours are back on but ME!) and I really don't want to spend a fortune on my mobile phone going through the BT Call Centre Dance, so am trying to report online AND divert my calls to my mobile......and the BT webiste gives THIS message!  ARRRRGH

Busy improving
We've temporarily closed part of your BT website so we can work on keeping it a great place to visit.
The new, enhanced site will be up and running soon. 

I shouldn't complain really - I'm have power, have plenty of food, house is safe and warm, all is well AND the radio is back on (came on yesterday).  But.... well I admit it..... I'm kind of addicted to modern telecommunications and am fretting when they are absent.  Ah well..... no excuse not to get on with some "domestic" duties now then....sigh....
Thanks for all the messages and emails. I have to admit I *was* scared during the worst of the storm force winds. But I had neighbours mobile phone number and they had kindly said I could phone any time night or day if I needed to - they wouldn't come out, they joked, but I could phone! It did help to know I could phone SOMEONE in case of catastrophe..... not having a radio didn't help.  But it's all behind us now.  And I DID choose to live on a remote island! 


  1. Just a thought--if you are the only one on the island without service, couldn't you report your problem from a neighbor's phone?

  2. Yes Bev - I've just been up to IRene's to do that! But it meant getting wrapped up warm, and driving on an icy road to do it. And when I got there.... telephone company said their systems are down and THEY can't reroute my phone either......sigh..... I give up.....

  3. Don't worry, you're not the only one who feels that way. Relieve people of their laptops and mobile phones for one day and we'll see how smoothly life goes on without it! In truth, modernity has been so infused with our lifestyles it's almost impossible to think of a world without these tools!