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Thursday 29 July 2010

An abundance of strawberries....

Last year I planted half a dozen strawberry plants given to me by friends, and as is the way of fruiting plants only one or two fruited in the first year. However *this* year I have an abundance of wonderful, juicy, organic strawberries. Yum!

It was a lovely sunny evening tonight and it was a joy to be out in the garden. Although the clouds are creeping in now, and the Hoy hill were under the duvet for an early night!

Behind the house the Hoy High lighthouse was standing bright against the darkening clouds.


  1. Those berries look deicious!

  2. It looks like so nice strawberry.
    And very beautiful landscape.
    I wanted to visit there.

  3. Beautiful berries - just as well cats don't like fruit, although I expect you need to keep the chickens well away. Congratulations on an abundant strawberry harvest.

  4. Last year I planted 13 plants, and this year have about 8m2 of dense strawberry growth. A week ago I suggested that maybe it would be a good idea to pick them, and we came away with 17lb of strawberries, which following grazing is now 20lb of jam.

  5. Oh gorgeous...both strawbs and views!

  6. Bev - yes they were yummy! Lots more to follow!

    Sushi - Thanks, it is a very beautiful landscape and very different from your own I should imagine.

    Mickle - Yes - strawberries are netted to stop the hens feasting on them! They've already eaten my salad crop the little beasties! Button just lies across them!

    Steven - OK you beat me in the strawberry stakes! Mind you I don't like strawberry jam so I'm quite happy to get a bowlful of strawberries every couple of days to eat!

    Paula - Yip - heaven!