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Tuesday 13 July 2010


These photos were taken at 3.45 A.M. on Monday morning..... the one above by me, and the one below by Irene of Breckan. Now, you may ask, why were we both up and about at this time of the morning? Indeed we were asking ourselves the very same question. The answer, of course, is entirely due to our feline friends. Irene's young kitten Squeak is an early riser, and Button decided to announce she had provided breakfast for herself. Irene spend some time entertaining Squeak, while I spent some time chasing Button around the kitchen as she wouldn't drop her "breakfast" for me to rescue. However I did find that breakfast was well and truly dead so I opened the door and out she shot with it (she's learned that once I get my hands on it I *do not share*!). While she tucked into her breakfast, I was sufficiently awake enough by now to realise what a beautiful sunrise was revealing itself. I'm sure it got even more beautiful but I resisted the temptation to watch and went back to bed!!

So - photo below is taken from Breckan on Graemsay looking towards Stromness.


  1. What beautiful pictures from your beautiful island! We have the cats to thank...

    Letter on its way, and photos. Greetings to Irene! Hope you are getting a bit of respite from all these summer visitors (!).

  2. Hello Sian! I am your new friend
    Julia/blue bird. Fantastic picture you took!! Never seen such a beautiful sunrise perhaps because I was never so far up North as you live.I weak up also many times early in the summer, though have no cat company. This is a "bird-country" where squirrels are the mammals and non of those care for cat existence in this territory.Have some new postings if you care
    Enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Love:
    J/bb :)

  3. Sian - fantastic cloud pix - I can recommend the Cloud Appreciation Society's website too - perhaps they'd welcome some of your photos. I joined a few years ago and regularly donate membership to friends who love clouds too.

  4. Dancing Beastie - Thankfully Button has let me have a lie in the last couple of days! Got letter thanks. Will reply shortly.....

    Blue Bird - thanks for your lovely comments. I'm regularly checking out your blog too!

  5. Beautiful pix. Superb and evocative. We generally live in northern Sweden, a few hundred kilometers from the Polar Circle. We, too, have extraordinary skies and light shows in winter. Your island looks most inviting. Maybe get there someday - I am a Scot and my daughter is from Skye, where we lived for a short time back in the early 1970s. Best wishes to all.