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Sunday 11 July 2010

Storm clouds

Earlier today dramatic storm clouds approached (underneath the clouds are the Hoy Hills!). The clouds were followed by some rumbles of thunder, and then heavy rain and continued wind. It's unusual to have much of a thunderstorm in Orkney, so it was odd to have TWO exactly a week apart!

Last' weeks thunderstorm was more dramatic with lightning accompanied by thunder, and then the hail, and gale, followed by sunshine and blue skies! I had visitors from South staying and we sat in the conservatory most of Sunday just watching the weather as it sped across the landscape.

However the poor weather did give me the opportunity to put my visitors to work ;-) They hung some pictures and helped me investigate some recessed ceiling lights to see how to change the bulbs, as well as doing a little light hoovering and helping with the dinner. They can come again! Though later in the week they did have the opportunity to "play" on the tractor-mower. L & B are sisters, and I thought they were going to start squabbling as only siblings can over who had been on the mower longest! They were also delighted to take part in sheep moving - or more to the point, standing in the garden gateway to prevent the approach of any sheep. L & I have been friends for years, and this was her first visit to Graemsay. I had forgotten just how different life is here to the town where we both lived!

Last week I had a lovely visit from another blogger, Dancing Beastie and her family. It was a lovely sunny day and we spent time on the beach with her two wee boys, S & J. Both the boys took great delight in exploring the "Shell Beach", lifting stones to find bugs, collecting empty crab shells, sea shells, and bits of coral. Then we went to the sandy beach at Sandside and both boys threw off boots and socks and went paddling! I love going to the beach, but often cast my eyes to the horizon, missing the microcosm that is beneath my feet. So I must thank S & J for reminding me of that wonderful world of treasures! As the boys were occupied with exploring the beach it gave me a chance to chat to their Mum and Dad about our respective lives, art, literature, horses and blogging. It was great meeting them all and fun to meet a fellow blogger.

Button was on her best behaviour while "her" home was invaded by strangers (to her). She had to thoroughly inspect guest beds, taking time out of her precious schedule to nap for several hours to ensure adequate quality of comfort for guests. She even stayed around while the boys were here. As she's a rescue cat (from Orkney Cat Protection) I have *no* idea what her history is, but clearly she is accepting of children. Though I think she views them as she does dogs - not quite sure what the point of them is ;-)

So, now it's time to get ready for my next visitors who arrive tomorrow. It's a busy summer this year!

Below is a picture of the storm approaching over Stromness:


  1. Hello Sian! Wonderful blog! I enjoyed reading the lively description of the visits of guests. The photos are great: I wish we would have such "storms" coming, because we have a very unusual drought which is very demaging killing with heat and dry ground many beautiful plants.
    Yeah, about watering? Restricted, shortage of water! The Island is surrounded with the Ocean and we have no water to spare the vegetation? So much for that.Julia/Blue bird :)

  2. What a wonderful place to call home. Population 23?! Winter must be a challenge. I've added your blog to my link list. Looking forward to reading more about your life there.

  3. Blue Bird - We are lucky in Orkney as we have had rain this summer, but in the South of the UK there is a drought and plants are stuggling to survive. I have some friends from London staying at the moment and they are marvelling at how green everything is in my garden!

    PurestGreen - thanks for stopping by! I had found you blog a few days ago and added a link. I'd wondered who created such a lovely blog, so I'm very pleased to meet you! Yes winter is a challenge here - but I am just revelling in the summer for now!!

  4. Thank you for kind comments! Button was amazingly tolerant of the boys' attention. S loves cats and is always delighted to meet one as we don't have one ourselves.

    Fabulous cloud photo. Do you ever find that 20 minutes or more have gone by while you just sit and watch the huge shifting sky? I'm sure I would, if I lived in Orkney!