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Sunday 18 July 2010

Weather "changeable"

The weather is changeable and variable in Orkney at the moment! Sun, rain, wind, warmth - and all today! Tonight the light on the water was beautiful.


  1. Hello Sian! Your photos are fantastic! It is so beautiful the photo from Sunday I'd like to put it on the wall.
    I wish we had also changable weather, but here just stays
    with 3 H: Hazy,Hot,Humid. Most unpleasant. But it will pass. Hope you enjoy your summer. Love: Julia/Blue bird

  2. Blue Bird - I don't envy you hazy, hot OR Humid, never mind all together! I'd like it a bit warmer in Orkney please, but not too warm. I love summer here even though it's cooler this year. I just love the loooong days.....