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Saturday 24 July 2010

Wild Landscapes

(Photos courtesy of Jenny Taylor - who walked the hills of Hoy while taking these! Graemsay sits between the island of Hoy and the Orkney Mainland). The north end of the island of Hoy has the feel of a wild landscape. The sandstone cliffs and Old Man of Hoy are landmarks greeted by visitors passing on the Scrabster to Stromness Ferry. However fewer people actually walk across the hills and heathland - although the ferry from Stromness to Moaness on Hoy can be very busy in the summer with 50+ folk with dogs and/or cycles. Somehow though once they disperse on Hoy the landscape can again become empty and wild.

Below - wooded landscape

The Old Man of Hoy - often climbed during the summer months, weather permitting. I was talking to some climbers on the boat the other day and they were saying there is a lot of detritus left behind by previous climbers. Wooden pegs from the 1960s/70s are still in good condition, but lots of rusting metal pegs etc littering the rock face. Such a shame that even a wild space is polluted!

Among the hills of Hoy