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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Skara Brae

As I had friends visiting over the weekend I took the opportunity to revisit Skara Brae, the remains of a neolithic village thought to have been inhabited from between 3200 BC and 2200 BC. The remains are amazing. Above is a photo that shows the basic design shared by all the houses : a large square room, with a central hearth, beds on either side and a shelved dresser on the wall opposite the entrance. I've shared similar pictures before but I always think it's worth sharing again! I love this place. Now it is very close to the shore, with a sea wall built to protect it, and there are concerns that further work is needed to prevent more coastal erosion, but when it was built it was probably up to a mile or so inland.

As well as the neolithic village, there is also Skaill House to visit (see photo below). Early parts of this mansion house were built for Bishop George Graham in the 1620s. The house is still a family home, but certain parts are open to the public as a museum and the rooms are presented as it was in the 1950's. In the dining room is a china dinner service from Captain Cook's ship. Cook's ship put into Stromness on it's return home from his last fateful voyage.


  1. We did love Skara Brae! Interesting that they have constructed a sea wall. I know at the time we were there (3-4 years ago), there was concern about the ever-encroaching sea.

  2. I remember the last time uyou posted about Skara Brae, I told my cousin that that should be our next trip when I come to visit. She wasn't thrilled with the idea, but I still am!

  3. Mary Z - I think the sea wall would have been there when you visited. It was built a while ago - but they think they need to do something to reinforce it now.

    VioletSky - well let me know when you visit Orkney and we can get together!!

  4. Louise from Seattle9 July 2010 at 17:06

    Skara Brae is my all-time favorite Neolithic site. (My friends laugh at me because I HAVE an all-time favorite Neolithic site, but never mind...). And you were lucky enough to see it in bright sunshine. We've visited twice, both times cloudy and eventually rain, but for me somehow it just adds to the general moodiness and mystery of the site. Think of the stories from those homes!

  5. I have fond memories of going with you and Mary to Skara Brae.

  6. Louise - I know I just love Skara Brae. I see something new every time i visit.

    Bev - we managed to pack quite a bit into that trip didn't we [g]