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Friday 23 July 2010


Lots of fledglings around now - most almost as big as their parents but still wanting food and attention. The stone window ledges of the house make ideal spots for fledglings to line up for food and to practice landing and taking off. I try and not give them a fright by looming large over them, but this wee fellow didn't seem to mind (well I don't think he saw me!). I'm not well acquainted with the various species of "small brown bird" but I think this might be a pipit?

The swallows have been flying around too, swooping low for insects and their fledglings have been hanging out in the shed necessitating a protective cover for the tractor mower to protect from droppings! They also seem to like hanging onto the guttering over the conservatory.

Earlier this evening I noticed a partial rainbow above this cloud! No rain though, just pretty colours.


  1. For a wildlife enthusiast Graemsy must be the perfect place, I would love to stay on a small island but unfortunately my partner wouldn't so that's me told.

  2. Well small island living isn't for everyone! And yes it is brilliant the diversity of bird-life in particular we get. Also otters.