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Friday 2 July 2010

The moon in June...

Well the moon in June has inspired a lot of poetry and pop song lyrics - though probably because of the alliteration more than the connection. But here are some photos from last week - they were taken by Irene of Breckan. They are super! (I had to say that or she wouldn't have let me use them, but I think you'll agree they are great...!). This is the moon rising over Windbreck on Graemsay.

And Yes I know it's now July but I've had a busy week with visitors! Tuesday L & J from the US came out for a brief visit to the island. L reads my blog and I met up with her and J last week. Although they didn't have much time they wanted to visit Graemsay so they had a "whistle-stop tour" of the island on Tuesday. Thankfully the weather was good! Of course they were also introduced to Button, though she wasn't on her best behaviour!

Yesterday I had some friends from Stromness visit and we had a lovely afternoon in glorious sunshine pottering on the beach, and drinking tea and eating cake in the sun! Button accompanied us on our walks, yowling loudly when we sat too long.

Tomorrow I have friends from the South of England visiting for a few days. Hopefully the weather will be good (been a bit blustery today) and we can go and see some of the sights around Orkney!


  1. What wonderful pictures. I've been going to bed early and so missed this. The low clouds we've been having the last few days doesn't help either. Hoy,in the distance, has often been covered a white mist, though on some sunny evenings it has been stunningly clear.

  2. Steve - thanks! So is yours!

    Learner Gardener - Interesting weather we are having at the moment isn't it!