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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Stromness Shopping Week

This week is Stromness Shopping Week, a gala week for the town. In the past the local shops would display their wares on tables outside their premises. These days they don't do that, but decorate their windows, and there are bouncy castles, candy floss, and stalls at the pier head, as well as bands playing on the stage, and other activities during the week. Of course there is a "Shopping Week Queen" with attendants, and the final night there is a parade of floats through the town interspersed with pipe bands, fireworks and finishing off with a Big Party at the pier head.

The kids in the town love all the activity and many Stromness folk who now live away take the opportunity to come home for Shopping Week and meet up with everyone.

Above is a photo of the Edinburgh Post Pipe Band, who were parading through the town this afternoon in the sunshine.

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