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Saturday 3 July 2010

Summer Harvest

The grass in my field behind the house is being cut for silage, used as winter feed for cattle and sheep. On the Orkney Mainland some farmers cut the grass twice, an early cut at the end May/beginning June and then one at the end of summer. But this field is only cut once. The gulls and oystercatchers love following the tractor and rootling around among the cut grass, and again when the grass is baled. I love it when the grass is first cut as it means I can walk through the field again down to the shore!

Below - Button enjoying the sunshine. She has become very attached to a plant I was given as a gift for the garden. It's called Nepeta - I have only found out this week that it's cat nip! No wonder she loves it so much!!

I've had to put an upturned hanging basket base over the plant to protect it, but now it's growing through it's protection and she lovingly hugs it!


  1. Louise from Seattle3 July 2010 at 14:45

    We had a marvelous time visiting you and seeing your lovely island home. Thank you so much for taking the time for us. Loved Button, too, even if she didn't love me! We have returned home safely, poorer in dollars but much richer for our Orkney island experiences. Have a great summer!
    L & J

  2. Happy Button - my Zebby would have eaten it all!

  3. Button looks so content :-) Sunshine and cat nip what more could a little cat want!

  4. Here is your new follower: Blue Bird by my nickname, but you can also call me Julia.
    I truly enjoy your blog: it is a fantastic job what you have done with that house. Look forward to see how is life treating you after all that effort. Love: Julia/Blue bird :)

  5. I've just had a read through a whole bunch of your posts, and absolutely love them. The Orkney Islands are a marvelous place, and the photos you have taken are just stunning! I will definitely be checking back for updates, so thanks for the reading thus far and keep up the good work!

  6. Louise - it was lovely meeting you too! Glad you enjoyed your visit to Graemsay and the rest of Orkney. Hope you return sometime soon and that Button will be more hospitable next time!

    Mickle - Perhaps I should send Zebby Cat some! Actually I'm surprised *Button* hasn't eaten it all!

    Learner Gardener - She certainly loves snoozing in the sun among the cat nip. Though that has been curtailed a little with the recent weather. Wasn't the storm on Sunday impressive?

    Blue Bird/Julia - lovely to meet you. Look forward to hearing your comments in the future.

    Wullie - Thanks for your comments and hope drop by again. Love the sound of your band - good luck for the future.