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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Unmade Bed....

In the late 1990's Tracy Emin won the Turner Prize with her installation "my bed" - an unmade bed..... I think the version above is cuter - and Button would love a prize - when she wakes up. I love cats when they sleep like this, all vulnerable, and cute and snuggly. I envy her suppleness, how *does* she get her paws in that position - her back paw is under her nose??! And yes of course it means my bed will be made just before I get into it tonight because she slept TEN HOURS. That's another thing I love about cats - they know how to sleep.......


  1. A happy Button snoozling on a very pretty quilt (my dear Mum is a patchwork-quilter).

    I do love watching Zebby sleeping -despite his girth he too had a hind paw extending beyond his chin last night.

  2. I love it when cats sleep on their heads, I wish I could be that flexible again

  3. Mickle - even dear old Fitzi-cat managed to do the same, and he was a very portly gentleman too!

    Oxslip - I'm not sure I ever *was* that flexible! LOL!

  4. Well, you already know that Abby knows how to sleep & now I see Button does too. Abby's asleep again now on the couch on a cool, sunny Sunday afternoon. Luckily she only sleeps on the bed when I'm in it. I'm not sure I could leave the house with the bed unmade. I'm sure my mother warned me about such sloppy ways.