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Wednesday 7 July 2010

Sun and Cloud

I've had visitors over the last few days, so while I catch up and sort out some photos, here is a slight interlude (the BBC used to have "interludes" during transmission when I was a child - usually a potter's wheel or horses ploughing.....).

Above is Stromness in the sunshine - you can see that many houses along the harbour front have piers. This harks back to the days when almost every house had a boat. The houses on the other side of the street to the harbour would have access rights to the piers too.

Below - the mist is actually over some land - Stenness and Orphir have disappeared!

Below is a sky-scape. I love clouds!

And here we have a marsh orchid, that was actually growing in the bank down at the pier on Graemsay!

Normal service (or what passes for it on this blog!) will resume shortly......


  1. Hello and WELCOME Sian! I am very happy to see you with my friends! I truly enjoy what you write because IT is very informational, interesting enjoyable
    and above all: just amazing what you do there with that BIG house!
    I see a lot of fun coming our way!
    Thanks for joining.
    Cheers! Julia/Blue bird :-)

  2. Julia - Glad you are enjoying my blog!